Tea Time in Chengdu.

After traveling through China I have a new appreciation for tea and have learned it proper characteristics as well as how to sip like royalty. The Chinese culture classifies tea as drinking it at different times between the day and you can find many natives with their own thermos that is being filled up from the streets, in convenient stores, restaurants ect. On our way to the Muslim Quarters in Chengdu we stopped at a part of the old city that is still in its original architecture which is my favorite part of China but also very sparse. We sampled three different teas and then spent time listening to ancient music instruments in the court yard. There is someone at the head of the table who brews the tea and you all get a small cup in order to sample many different kinds. It is also customary to offer tea to guests in your home so during interviews in many of the villages we were served cup after cup of fresh and exotic teas. I purchased one that had hints of chocolate and had been grown and picked in the Hakka village outside Xiamen where I was.

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