Real Time Farms

Cara Rosaen TEDx and

This portion of the All Hail Honeybees blog is dedicated to my summer internship as a Food Warrior with Real Time Farms. This organization is just about two years old and striving to bring food transparency to the forefront of our food system. As a Food Warrior I will be working along side 25 other people in ten different cities to explore local farms and food artisans who are dedicating their careers to helping make this change in our food system through providing good food.

Located in Madison, Wisconsin I will be reaching out to my local farmers and food artisans as well as documenting the variety of farmer’s markets found in Dane County. Through my summer travels I will also expand my work to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C.

Check back for a variety of posts a week about the different people I am meeting and their passions for food.

~All hail food transparency and good food~


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