Hello and welcome to All Hail Honeybees, I am so delighted to have you and to create a relationship. First things first, I am a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who was born and raised in San Francisco for ten years and Sheboygan, Wisconsin for the latter ten years. I am a senior at UW Madison pursuing a major in Communication Arts and Journalism with a focus on food. I enjoy spending my time chatting about food, cooking, and researching food.  As an ex-vegetarian and even ex-vegan I have become very passionate in what I eat and enjoy. I wish to share what I have experienced and learned about food to all my readers. In this blog I plan to write suggestions of restaurants I find pleasing to the palate as well as different food products that I would love to share with readers. I take joy in finding foods that are local, organic and natural, because with all the many frozen foods and fast food establishments the basics are forgotten about. I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and feel free to share anything you feel is exciting, interesting, or dull-all comments are welcome.

In order to explain All Hail Honeybees purpose in more detail is to say that honeybees are the most basic and pure form of nature. Their strategic ways of pollinating plant after plant allows for the circle of life to continue. I choose this way of thinking about food in order to inform my readers that there is much more to food than what your taste buds experience. Knowing where our food is coming from as well as what it is will lead to a society that is full of happy yet conscious consumers, with full tummies!

Feel free to follow me @allhailhoneybee.

Bon appetit.


**The background of this blog is from the blog in.gredients, Celebrating Summer’s Produce: Tomato**

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  1. Funny, I guess I’ve had the opposite trajectory from you– I grew up in Madison, WI but now live in California! I just discovered your blog through a write-up in a Madison newspaper that my dad mailed to me, and I’m so happy I did! : )

    • That is funny that we have switched states haha and am so glad you stumbled upon my blog. I find myself not posting as much during the school year and apologize but if you check back every so often hopefully there will be some new things. Thanks so much!

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