“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce…”

This episode of The Perennial Plate is highlighting the devastating tomato crop and picking demands not found in other countries but situated 1,466 miles from this very blog post, in Immokalee, Florida. Lupe Gonzalo speaks with the Perennial Plate to illustrate the life she left Guatemala for…

How is the American society conducting such harsh conditions to the Mexican workers that come here only to have a better life? Their conditions in Mexico force them to a country that strives itself on having freedoms and rights for all citizens. The idea of citizens is neglecting immigrants like Lupe. The heart retching side of this story is that the farms need these workers to grow their immaculately similar and oversized produce.

The farm needs to appreciate their workers and the mass, MASS production of produce needs to decrease. In an ideal world this would solve our issues. The United States is nowhere near a food shortage, however with the copious amounts of food waste that day may approach us and change things for the better… unfortunately.

Watch the video, spread the world and help support good, clean, fair food that follows sustainable farming practices that are fair for the animal and picker.

Bon appetit.

Food advocacy in the Twitterverse

Combining the communicative aspects of new media and social interactions along with food advocacy allows me to compose the ultimate blog post. This post is an effort to illustrate the strategic uses in the Twitter sphere promoting food justice and transparency through the sharing of information. My experience with food establishments in Madison, Wisconsin along with taste buds that demand good, clean, fair food allows me to explore food that enriches our culture and can reverse the detrimental effects of fast food establishments. In order to have a balanced and thriving culture in America, it is my strong belief that we need to first correct the food system. Below are some tweets that highlight people’s appreciation of political leaders work toward a better food system. (The articles are linked to the images for further reading).


The Twitter sphere is a unique corner of society that is bringing similar ideas together and allowing the knowledge and experience to spread across a vast range of audiences.

The amount of people “forced” to consume low quality food because of the affordability is outstanding and gives corporate giants the power to manipulate the food system. Organic, local and wholesome foods should not be associated with a price tag that deters many consumers. All should have the ability and opportunity to feed themselves along with their families, friends and neighbors the good, clean, fair food that is supported by the Slow Food movement. Food transparency is one place to start and a way for food establishments to take responsibility and help shape the current food system. Consumers need to follow suit by taking action to understand what food really is.


Furthermore people consume what they do because it is what has been instilled since the first bite of Gerber baby food. The following images illustrate today’s food system and represent how it is easy for one to be confused based on nationally distributed material. Is it time to work to offer a new set of fundamental ideals around food?


Bon appetit with a sense of awareness.

The to-do list of a foodie.

I have been accepted into my major and have one year that ties me to Madison, after that the possibilities are endless but if anything may buy me more time to accomplish the ultimate to do list. I came across this on André Darlington’s blog and have made a few additions. With a family full of foodies and always looking for an excuse to consume good food, I doubt this will take long at all!

1) Sunday Chicken Dinner at Tornado Club
2) Bloody Mary at Sardine
3) Roti, Tarkara, and Dal at Himal Chuli
4) Fetalicious at Glass Nickel Pizza
5) The Roman Candle pizza at The Roman Candle Pizzeria
6) Orange Chocolate Chip Babcock Hall ice cream at the Memorial Union
7) Charcuterie at Osteria Papavero
8) Lunch at Le Baguette
9) ‘Das Boot’ at the Essen Haus
10) Pork Buns at Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar
11) High Tea at Natt Spil
12) Bell’s seasonal beer and a cigar at Maduro
13) A Lazy Susan at The Old Fashioned
14) Farmer’s Market omelette at the Shamrock Bar
15) Walnut Burger at the Harmony Bar
16) Bakers’ Window Pie
17) Breakfast Biscuit at Ingrid’s Lunch Box (cart)
18) Picnic from Fromagination
19) Weekday lunch at The Paradise Lounge
20) Build-your-own-sandwich at The Willy St Co-op
21) Lunch at Mediterranean Café
22) The Corso at Stalzy’s Deli
23) A ‘Boo Burger (while doing laundry) at The Caribou Tavern
24) The Big Cheesy at Teddywedgers
25) Affogato at Nostrano
26) Fish Fry at Toby’s Supper Club
27) Mustard tasting at the National Mustard Museum
28) An “Aero” omelette at Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room
29) Mi Rancho at Taqueria Guadalajara
30) Cumin Lamb at Fugu
31) Seasonal cocktail at Merchant
32) Goi Cuon Cha Gio (AP10) at Ha Long Bay
33) Mac ‘n Cheese pizza at Ian’s Pizza
34) Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes at Sophia’s (New York Times 36 hours in madison)
35) Brandy Old Fashioned cocktail at Le Tigre
36) The ‘V’ and ‘G’ breakfast bagels at Gotham Bagels
37) Mighty Isis at Mermaid Café
38) Grey Salt Caramel at Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier
39) Nostrano’s brunch!!
40) 4 am breakfast at Willalby’s
41) Waffles at Indie Coffee
42) Crab Rangoon at Lao Laan-Xang (preferably at an East Side outdoor festival)
43) Chicken sandwich at JD’s Chicago Maxwell Polish Sausage & Steak Burger (cart)
44) Pho at Saigon Noodles
45) Macaroons at Marigold Kitchen — Marigold’s recipe in 2002 Bon Apétite Magazine
46) Eldorado Eggs at Eldorado Grill
47) Fleuri from Fantome Farm
48) UFC pop up bar
49) Miche from Madison Sourdough
50) Sophia’s Dinner

It’s March 1st, a wonderful month to start chowing down since the weather is warming up and midterms leave you high and dry, what better than to feast!