I have very minimal training in cooking beyond the high school Culinary Arts Sandwich Relay Team, har har, however I can’t keep myself out of the kitchen.

My mother and I have been cooking my entire life and have high hopes of someday publishing ‘Bitchin Kitchin’… we have a tendency to get in each others hair when packed in our small kitchen but the end result is more often than not mouthwateringly good.

Now in college and able to explore my own kitchen I have become a flexitarian locavore that is semi raw. Basically I cook foods that are local and wholesome, for the most part, as well as stemming away from meat, unless it’s in the SFUW kitchen. I like to dabble and get creative. Unlike when c0oking with my mother, the end result is not always deathly divine. My soft spot and growing specialty is pizzas, but don’t stop there.

I hope you enjoy exploring this page and please offer your expert or not-so-expert advice and feedback, food is a culture.

Bon appetit.

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