Epicurean Media

ep·i·cu·re·an Listen to audio/ˌɛpɪkjʊˈri:jən, ˌɛpɪˈkjuri:jən/ adjective : involving an appreciation of fine food and drink. (Merriam-Webster). Here you can connect with me across the many different social networking sites that All Hail Honeybees navigated over to.

Instagram – a filter for each meal.

Twitter – the entire food revolution in 140 characters or less.

Pinterest for all the pinteresting tips and tricks floating through the cyber world.

FOOD52 and their crowd sourcing strategy that brings you the best of the best.

VineApp – the instagram of vids.

Coming soon…

Foodgawker | feed your eyes

TasteSpotting | a community driven pot luck

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