Crack bread

One of the many perks of working at a bakery is the endless supply of bread, and my favorite being in the form of a beautiful and fresh baguette. Almost everyday I am whisked away at the end of my shift with a pocket full of tips and a crackling baguette. My love for bread has expanded beyond a slab of butter and into a world of meals on the lovely baguettes. I have explored with sandwiches including a variety of cheeses and piles of veggies or simpler versions of a good stinky cheese, some creamy butter and green garlic… my dirty pleasure.

Recently a friend opened my eyes to a whole new baguette experience… he and a few others have coined it as ‘crack bread’. It is easy peasy and really an amazing way to start your morning off kicking. In order to calm my craving I have started freezing some of the baguette so I don’t simply devour the entire baguette the second I am released from work. Thus, early this morning I popped some pieces in the toaster, spread some butter down, followed by raw honey and then the most important components…. salt and pepper.


While butter and honey accompany any bread nicely the salt and pepper pumps it up a whole other level and makes it a must! I like to use the raw honey because it has a much bolder flavor than the little plastic bear bottles and some good sea salt makes a huge difference. The pepper gives it an added kick and sourcing all the ingredients from local, wholesome establishments allows you to do more than satisfy your taste buds.

Bon appetit.

RTF Interview: Yona Roberts Golding

In order to begin the Food Warrior adventures there was a need to understand those who I will be working with. Currently there are about 25 Food Warrior interns that are covering ten different cities across the United States and all are striving to bring food transparency and justice to the forefront offering customers choices when choosing where to chow down! Our job is to meet and experience what farmers and food artisans have to offer. The information we gather is added to the Real Time Farm website and then used as a national food guide that is focusing on food transparency to give consumers a choice when it comes to food. The end goal is to show which farms restaurants’ menu items are directly coming from and then also being able to explore the farmer’s information.

Yona Roberts Golding is an undergraduate studying in Connecticut, from Massachusetts and currently living in New York City. Attending Wesleyan University Yona studies Anthropology and Film. She is one of the dedicated food warriors that is eager to explore New York’s hard-working farmers and food artisans along with an abundance of outstanding markets. During the academic year she works on a farm on school property that helps to bring local, wholesome ingredients into the university’s kitchens and local food pantries.

Through her work as a Real Time Farm Food Warrior she’s excited to learn more about different farming practices and to ask questions about issues that have come up for the farm at Wesleyan. Yona is also curious about the livelihood behind a farm and wants to meet the people who are producing different foods. While being in New York she is looking forward to experiencing an array of new food products and information through her work. The business end of running a farm is also an area of interest for Yona because of her work on Wesleyan’s farm. This is a feature of farming that may not always be explained or fully understood but definitely holds a lot of importance.

Yona’s food philosophies push her to steer away from eating meat and understanding food’s impact on her body as well as the environment. This makes the work done through Real Time Farms influential when acting as a consumer.

Yona’s role model is her mother because she has offered Yona a deep understanding of providing through gardening. Yona has grown up with a garden in her backyard and experiences fresh strawberries, cucumbers and so much more as her mother skillfully fills their kitchen with homegrown produce.

Yona Roberts Golding  

Next up will be some exploration of Madison farms and maybe along the way I will be blogging about Yona and my adventures in New York City.

All hail a good garden.

Amy Verhey

Summer 2012 Food Warrior