RTF: Uphoff Farming

Uphoff Farming

This week for Real Time Farms I drafted a sound clip giving an insight on the Uphoff family that has created a long lifestyle that is dedicated to managing people and animals. Their meat is 100% Berkshire certified and while these hogs live a happy life on the farm in open houses they are also providing a high quality product to a variety of local food establishments in Madison, Wisconsin.

For further information check out their Real Time Farm profile or a previous blog post about their meats.

All hail a dedicated farmer.

Amy Verhey

Summer 2012 Food Warrior


RTF: Bakers’ Window

Baker’s Window is more than simply the name of Madison’s hit new bakery, instead it is a way for Midwesterners to peer into the world of Parisian artisanal baked goods. Karin and Brian have taken bread in America to a whole new level, the level at which Europeans consume. The best part about all of this is that they are a block from the Madison Capitol building and about four blocks from the University of Wisconsin campus, a bit of serendipity.

The large arched window with a stone brick border is a perfect frame for the passerby to peer in and see what is on the shelves that day. Tuesdays through Saturdays their sourdough breads and baguettes are hot and fresh along with an assortment of baked goods ranging from savory ham and cheese croissants with local meats and cheese to sweet yet tart lemon lavender danishes and so much more.

Beyond the rustic breads and croissants pulled out of the ovens all day, Karin and Brian spend time crafting pain au chocolat, pain aux raisin, foraged vegetables with thyme quiches, pies and more. Their baking skills have allowed them to craft a high quality product from the most pure and wholesome ingredients that are seasonal and full of flavor. The bakery sources their dairy and cheeses from Castle Rock along with Hook’s cheddar cheese, Sartori parmesans and Uphoff Farm’s Berkshire ham. Their sugar is a raw local sugar along with all the different flours they bake with.


Baker’s Window strives to uphold something that is becoming very popular in Madison and throughout the rest of the United States – homemade food from wholesome, organic and local ingredients. Karin and Brian stock the kitchen with local flour and homemade yeast starters that offer the most pristine product. They make everything in the back of the bakery, most by hand and in small batches. They pour their love into the baked goods which allows the rest of us to fall right back in love with each bite we take.


It would be an understatement to give them a ten out of ten, so if you are in the area or even in the lovely Wisco state make sure to stop by and if you want a wide variety of piping hot baked goods, come before 10 a.m.

All hail croissants, baguettes and baking experiences.

Amy Verhey

Summer 2012 Food Warrior

Crack bread

One of the many perks of working at a bakery is the endless supply of bread, and my favorite being in the form of a beautiful and fresh baguette. Almost everyday I am whisked away at the end of my shift with a pocket full of tips and a crackling baguette. My love for bread has expanded beyond a slab of butter and into a world of meals on the lovely baguettes. I have explored with sandwiches including a variety of cheeses and piles of veggies or simpler versions of a good stinky cheese, some creamy butter and green garlic… my dirty pleasure.

Recently a friend opened my eyes to a whole new baguette experience… he and a few others have coined it as ‘crack bread’. It is easy peasy and really an amazing way to start your morning off kicking. In order to calm my craving I have started freezing some of the baguette so I don’t simply devour the entire baguette the second I am released from work. Thus, early this morning I popped some pieces in the toaster, spread some butter down, followed by raw honey and then the most important components…. salt and pepper.


While butter and honey accompany any bread nicely the salt and pepper pumps it up a whole other level and makes it a must! I like to use the raw honey because it has a much bolder flavor than the little plastic bear bottles and some good sea salt makes a huge difference. The pepper gives it an added kick and sourcing all the ingredients from local, wholesome establishments allows you to do more than satisfy your taste buds.

Bon appetit.