RTF: Meet Rebecca Rosenthal

From Manhattan to Northern Westchester to Montreal and currently Boston with big dreams of back to New York, Australia and England Rebecca Roesenthal is quite the food advocating jet setter. Born in Manhattan, yet raised in Katonah-Northern Westchester, Rebecca was introduced to a way of life that revolved around the preservation and culture of food. In 2008 she was swept away by Montreal, Canada where she spent time as an undergraduate student at the University at McGill studying Urban Systems in their Department of Geography.

Rebecca has taken her life experiences of different cities to her university setting, where she is understanding how cities are broken down through their architectural designs. Rebecca has crafted maps focused on all things from food and sanitation to transportation, truly putting her degree to good use. Through this work she became very interested in food systems where she was able to tie in an environmental psychology minor. Before it is time for her to graduate from her undergraduate career Rebecca is roaming Boston to meet with local farmers and food artisans to understand their unique food systems. As a Real Time Farms Food Warrior with an Urban Systems and Environmental Psychology degree her blog on the Food Warrior experiences offers an outstanding look at our current food system.

While Rebecca is not spending her time studying psychology and mapping out cities, she truly enjoys writing. The Real Time Farms Food Warrior internship fit her well due to the amount of writing she is very used to. While at school Rebecca spends much of her free time contributing to a Food Blog at her university.

Beyond her interest in putting a pen to paper, Rebecca is most eager to engage with farmers and food artisans in order to learn the Boston food scene. This summer is the first time that farmers are allowed to sell fish at markets which is one of the many things Rebecca has already started to learn about. Rebecca is also interested in learning more about the business aspects, including sourcing and distribution. This past semester at McGill she won a Sustainability Case Competition that lead her to develop a self-sustaining, student-run cafe that strived to source locally. She learned a lot from her own experience but hopes to see how local sourcing and fair distribution is replicated in the real world. These are only two examples of what Rebecca hopes to learn from her time with Real Time Farms. The list does not stop there as this headstrong foodie wishes to learn more about the technicalities behind fisheries and fishermen, the stories behind the people supporting Boston’s food system along with the struggles and socioeconomic aspects of farming and food quality. To learn more about her adventures through all of this, dive into her Real Time Farms blog, ‘Local Life, Global Goals‘.

Looking at Rebecca on a more personal level allows you to understand her strong interests in food. Everyday she eats with the philosophy, “know thyself.” For Rebecca food has strong and important qualities that can make a true impact when adjusted correctly to help support our bodies. Joy McCarthy is a nutritional role model for Rebecca as McCarthy strives to explain that there are ‘seven billion diets for seven billion people.’ While arugula is one of Rebecca’s favorite vegetables she struggles with a handful of food sensitivities that have pushed her to better understand foods. She has returned to basic, wholesome cooking but finds herself exploring new spices and dishes along with keeping her mind on the benefits of food while she strives to alkalize her body through food.

Cheers to Rebecca and her summer of adventures.

Amy Verhey

Summer 2012 Food Warrior

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