RTF: ‘Dance while you can’

As part of this summers activities and adventures as a Food Warrior I am exposed to a variety of literature and documentaries offered from farmers, friends and our amazing Real Time Farms core team. The most recent review is on American Meat, a documentary discussing exactly that, the meat in America. This documentary dives into the good and bad about the animals raised to produce America’s meat from the view of ‘Commodity Hog Farmers’ to farmers practicing ways that resemble the work done generations ago. The documentary does a phenomenal job of showing all sides of meat and allowing the consumer to learn about what is happening in today’s society revolving the 59 billion pounds of meat consumed by Americans every year.

The producers arranged the content into three parts that cover today’s current farming system, compared to ‘A Different Path’ and ending with a portion that tells viewers that it is simply ‘Up to Us’. In order to feed America meat that is grass-fed and following the practices similar to Joel Salatin ‘we’ would need to have roughly 4 million people start farming that way. There is an increase in young farmers, yet there is also a skepticism that the urge of new farmers needed will not be pursued  by the majority of society.

The documentary starts with a woman completely disconnected from her meat, while stating she would ‘never’ eat her own chickens and prefers the grocery store meat due to the fact that it is packaged and ready to be cooked without needing to ever cross her mind. Traveling to a variety of farms, while meeting the farmers and food markets, restaurants and artisans it ends with a couple turning their backyard into a garden and farm in order to support their families diet. The story ended with them stating, “Get to the party when you get there and dance while you can”. They are a middle-aged couple that have changed their way of life and plan on fulfilling the American dream from here on out reducing the 4 million by 2.

All hail knowledge. Watch, learn and plant a seed.

Amy Verhey

Summer 2012 Food Warrior

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