Bon appetit: thumbprints

It’s a lazy day Monday and in order to avoid the papers piling up, I closed the books and sifted through my long list of recipes waiting to be given a test run. I came across these thumbprints that had high hopes of satisfying my sweet tooth and were easy enough to whip up.

The ingredients list is short and simple but produces a rock-star cookie.

2 cups whole almonds
4 cups quick-cooking oats
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups flour, divided
1 cup canola oil
1 cup maple syrup
Assorted jams of your choice (see note)

One little fun fact about these cookies is that yes indeed they are VEGAN! I have secretly been on a search for a good vegan cookie. While my batch was a bit dry and crumbly I blame it on the fact that my pantry didn’t hold all the necessary amounts of the ingredients. I decided to mix and match somethings but following the recipe will lead to an ideal cookie munching situation.

You can follow the step by step instructions by following this link to the lovely Kitchn blog but I’ll give you my personal advice on what to fill these puppies with.

I choose an assortment that stuck out to me! First up is a homemade raspberry jelly made in our Slow Food UW kitchen, along side an organic peanut butter. Next up was a raw and organic honey that is too-die-for! And finally, without a doubt I made one with dark chocolate chips.


As always I don’t listen with my mom and play with my food via the route of snapping pictures. Feast your eyes on these not so exciting food porn pics.


Bon appetit.

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