“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce…”

This episode of The Perennial Plate is highlighting the devastating tomato crop and picking demands not found in other countries but situated 1,466 miles from this very blog post, in Immokalee, Florida. Lupe Gonzalo speaks with the Perennial Plate to illustrate the life she left Guatemala for…

How is the American society conducting such harsh conditions to the Mexican workers that come here only to have a better life? Their conditions in Mexico force them to a country that strives itself on having freedoms and rights for all citizens. The idea of citizens is neglecting immigrants like Lupe. The heart retching side of this story is that the farms need these workers to grow their immaculately similar and oversized produce.

The farm needs to appreciate their workers and the mass, MASS production of produce needs to decrease. In an ideal world this would solve our issues. The United States is nowhere near a food shortage, however with the copious amounts of food waste that day may approach us and change things for the better… unfortunately.

Watch the video, spread the world and help support good, clean, fair food that follows sustainable farming practices that are fair for the animal and picker.

Bon appetit.

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