Gud food with a side of localism.

Hello all,

It has been quite some time since I have shared my latest meals with you, I am not sure if an apology is in order or a dundundun, I’m back, is. Either way I thought I would share a little bit of knowledge with you so that y’all can have your honeybee fix!

This semester has taken a toll on the blogosphere because of two lovely internships that came my way. One is with the ever growing Slow Food UW. This is a student organization that is associated with the greater international Slow Food movement. You can explore what Slow Food UW is doing through its Facebook Group, Twitter handle @slowfooduw, or website. If you like gud food, you will most definitely enjoy what Slow Food UW is doing. The most popular events are their Family Dinner Nights as well as the Wednesday Cafe’s. The Family Dinner Nights or FDNs are every Monday at 6:30pm for only 5$. Slow Food UW takes this opportunity to share the ideas that local food can be gud and affordable. The Wednesday Cafe is open from 11:30am-2:00pm each week and goes along the same lines as the FDN. Slow Food UW strives to promote good, clean, fair food that benefits society, the environment and our bodies. All Slow Food UW events are held on the corner of (1127) University avenue and Charter, in the basement of the Crossing.

Next up is Nostrano. This restaurant, located on the Capital Square, is a year old and thriving, as well as dishing out the importance of localism. Tim and Elizabeth Dahl, the face of Nostrano, left their well-established restaurants in Chicago to create a well adorned hot spot here in Madison. As you will see when you enter their website, Nostrano quite literally translates as ‘local’. Tim and Elizabeth support the restaurant with produce from their own farm and other ingredients traveling all the way from the Dane County Farmer’s Market, aka across the street. Tim is also becoming well versed with the ropes of social media so make sure to check out the Facebook page and Tweets, @nostranomadison.

Cheers to local being oh so tasty, and afforadable!!

Bon appetit.

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