It’s not summer until you have a BBQ!


Its been a while since I’ve posted but at least there is still sun-shining summer weather in lovely Wisco. However, in order to be able to fully label these months as summer I needed to be able to check off a bumpin’ BBQ from my summertime bucketlist. As the days were getting shorter and the clock was ticking closer to that time of year filled with studying and football games, my bestie and I decided to get creative and throw an End of Summer BBQ for all our loves at home in Sheboygan. We are the kind of friends that have fun cooking, eating, shopping, and repeating! I think in our past lives we were attached at the brain, so who else better to throw a BBQ with. As soon as we came up with the idea there was no stopping us as we were fast at work making homemade invites and drooling over possible recipes.

The few requirements we had were that it was outside, the grill was fired up, we had a drink with limes and all of our friends were in attendance. Then the fun part of creating the menu began… we decided what better to have in the summer time than some gud ‘ol burgers! Since I have a soft spot for California cuisine and avocados we choose to have a CA burger with chipolini onions, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and lettuce. The other must have when grilling out are Sheboygan Hardrolls, from the crazed about City Bakery. This lead us to the creation of the Sheboygan burger with sharp cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, heirloom tomatoes and lettuce.

As for sides we attempted to follow some tasty looking recipes for sweet potato chips and zucchini fries but fell short of success. The finished products were far from presentable but still some of our friends were brave enough to sample the wilted and pathetic attempts at chips and fries. This was a failed attempt but we will try again and perfect turning our favorite veggies into our favorite snacks! There was also classic corn on the cob boiled and roasted along with grilled zucchini rounds and sliced watermelon.

The dessert was my personal favorite but unfortunately our guests pigged out on their BBQ feasts a little to much to really enjoy the tasty treats. My favorite sweet tooth satisfier is obviously dark chocolate but I needed to sweeten this up for all the mouths we were feeding. In order to do this I discovered a quick and dirty homemade caramel sauce recipe to fill dark chocolate cups with. The additional sea salt sprinkled on top made these a hot commodity that I am dying to make again VERY soon!

The second dessert was something my mom stumbled upon this past winter. We attempted to make our own ice cream but opted for a healthier version, that is disguised very well. We bought about a dozen bananas, peeled them and stuck them in the freezer over night. The next day a few hours before the BBQ I popped them in my mom’s Vitamix blender and pureed them until smooth. The left over caramel sauce along with various toppings allowed us to have a sundae funday ice cream bar!

Even though we were left with mountains of leftovers the adventure of throwing our first “dinner party” was a success and something we will continue to perfect over the years. What better way to spend time with your friends than sharing a great meal under the summer sky!

Cheers y’all and can’t wait for the next BBQ, bon appetit.

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