Kombucha lucha, nature’s cocktail.

My mom’s most recent fix this summer is Kombucha, a fermented tea with health qualities and a fizzy kick. She first fell upon this in Fish Creek, Door County at the Getaway Car Juice Bar. Mary of Getaway Car has became quick friends with my mother and soon me, after our day trip to Door County. I have Mary to thank for starting this rapid forming crush on Kombucha in both my mom and me, as well as our close friends. The Getaway Car Juice Bar is the epitome of my dream café, tucked away between tall trees providing shade along the lake shore as well as tasty juices and smoothies to accompany her all natural baked goods. Beyond Fish Creek the upper peninsula of Wisconsin is where various Door-delis and cherry picking farms reside becoming a home of good, fair and natural foods or products for Wisconsin and other travelers.


The weeks after tasting the first sip of Ginger Kombucha in Door County now created a search for more homemade Kombucha. After research we discovered Willy Street Co-op is the proud seller of NessAlla’s Kombucha made in the basement of The Weary Traveler. Willy Street, properly known as Williamson Street in Madison, is the few block district that is home to many uniquely local establishments that know how to deliver good coffee, great food and fun art plus much more!


On my way back to Sheboygan this weekend my mother had me stock up big time on some of my new favorite flavors. If you’re trying it for the first time I recommend going for a ginger mix as most places will supply something along these lines. Although various Kombucha brewers will get creative so feel free to try what looks pleasing.

NessAlla is a Kombucha making company that has five fermenting locations in Wisconsin and six in Illinois. The NessAlla company started with two friends, Vanessa and Alla, who brought their knowledge and love together to start a thriving health company. They host events along with having a wealth of facts on their website. Follow them on Twitter, check out their Facebook page or do whatever to get involved, I know I have. This stuff tastes great, does great things and is sweeping the nation at a great speed.

Beyond NessAlla there are ways to search out your own source of Kombucha or get creative and make it yourself? Fun fact you start with a scoby but the rest is history for me, hopefully I’ll be able to update you all on my Kombucha making adventures someday.

Bon appetit to nature’s cocktail.

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