A Vegged-out Hearty Piece of Heaven!

Surprise surprise this vegged-out twist is actually exactly what I mean, a sandwich appearing as a hearty hamburger minus the meat. One day I was absolutely craving a hamburger but am not really the biggest fan of having to cook raw meat so I decided I would cheat a little and make my very own veggie burgers!! This was very impulsive but I hustled off to the grocery store in order to gather what I thought would help make my creation. I checked out some prepackaged veggie burgers to get a good idea and started shopping.


Twenty minutes later I walked out with mini Portobello mushrooms, black beans, walnuts, scallions, eggs along with the usually burger fixings and hearty country white bread. Back at my apartment I chopped everything up to a size that would keep a hearty texture but also blend flavors well. Then was time to start forming the burgers making sure to add enough black beans and eggs so that they would be cohesive and keep their shape.


I think the trick was to place a square of butter on the bottom of each patty allowing them to keep from sticking while adding flavor. Then I placed them in the oven at 350 for roughly 15 minutes or until they felt firm as if they wouldn’t crumble from a simple poke. My roommate and I then created our own sandwiches as I choose to add sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a Lite Caesar Vinaigrette. Instead of a bun we opted for a country wheat so it wouldn’t mask the flavors of the burger.

This was my little creation I was so very proud of being able to successfully enjoy! The recipe is simple and already lost in my noggin of foods but can be recreated with whatever veggies or nuts you prefer. Someday I will venture out to possibly add meat and create the greatest walnut/veggie/hamburger, someday…

Bon appetit creatively!

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