Going Greek.


Summer heat always leaves me only wanting cool refreshing treats which recently has left me craving yogurt. In order to restore my tummy after the extremely adventurous foods I sampled in China I have been leaning towards Greek Yogurt which is full of live cultures and probiotics. Both of these help restore the bodies digestion system and greek yogurt also has high amounts of protein, healthy perfection. However, this does not come cheap and many are flavored which I am not wild about. I have discovered the perfect solution, farmer’s markets. Depending on what county you reside in there is sure to be a farmer’s market close by and if you are lucky enough you can find home made greek yogurt, score!!

I stumbled upon this in the Sheboygan County Farmer’s Market, hosting only about fifteen to twenty stalls. I choose to add fresh strawberries, blueberries or just honey for some extra sugar. This tastes better and is waaaay healthier than the added flavors and sugars found in most yogurts. It is also really good with granola or on the go for a full meal, if your bowl is big enough! Maybe next summer I can take my greek yogurt to the shores of lovely Greece… #dreambig.

Bon appetit.

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