A morning of lattes, Britney and yoga.

All Hail Honeybees ventured out to lovely Kohler, Wisconsin to spend the morning in Brewed Awakening, a coffee shop located in the entrance of Woodlake Market. This coffee shop happens to be employed by a friend of mine and we listened to Britney Spears, a mutual favorite, while keeping the fort down and sipping on lattes. I was of course the only one relaxing while he was proving himself to be the ideal Kohler employee.

Brewed Awakening offers a variety of drinks made with the amazing Alterra Coffee and a counter of in house baked goods. They have wifi and a small counter for those who wish to spend mornings inside cafes.

Inside the Woodlake Market is a wide selection of local produce, fresh baked goods and prepared meals along with the usually grocery goods but on a scale above the average Piggly Wiggly. I purchased a Fage Greek Yogurt and Kind Granola Bar to go along with my Poor Man’s Latte, skim with honey and cinnamon. Woodlake Market is also offering a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, allowing the market to offer their customers the freshest and local products that also help out local farms. The produce for the CSA comes from Garden Weedin’ in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. The meats here are also of good quality as the sausages are packaged in house.

All in all this was a successful morning and now its time to finish hitting the other hot spots of Kohler’s  Shops of Woodlake as I venture over to Yoga on the Lake to have my butt wipped into shape by the enthusiastic instructors. The studio has me stretching in front of the bay windows framing Woodlake, not too shabby.

Bon appetit.

One thought on “A morning of lattes, Britney and yoga.

  1. Brewed Awakening. Clever. I believe I have been there, a year or two ago.
    PS. I once wrote an article called A Root Awakening. Ha! We could also experience a Nude Awakening, but that could be horrific.

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