504 Broadway

All Hail Honeybees decides to dine fully clothed but ultimately with naked foods. This narrow restaurant with a counter and one table is located right on the edge of North Beach and the name of the restaurant, Naked Lunch, is based off the book Naked Lunch written by William S. Burroughs. William S. Burroughs was a writer that filled the pages of his books while exploring an intense drug trip. There are no drugs tucked in the food but it is so good you may imagine yourself slipping away to a better place, jokes of course… but is it that good!

My sister and I decided to take a day off to enjoy fun in the sun and catch a quick lunch since we were lucky enough to know one of the head chefs. The menu is small and changes everyday so we decided to sample almost everything, seeing as we couldn’t make our minds up. First up was a chilled English cucumber gazpacho with tarragon and creme fraiche and the last two cups full of cinnamon sweet tea.

The second course was a salad to share made of mixed greens, pea shoots, avocado mousse, grapefruit wedges with a lemon vinaigrette and toasted almonds on top.

By now we were getting full but the best was yet to come. I sampled the grilled asparagus sandwich with roasted carrots, fennel compote, mint, radishes and pea shoots!! My oh my this was absolutely amazing!! A close second, in my opinion, was my sisters Trumer braised short rib sandwich with oven dried tomatoes, basil, crispy onions and arugula.

The only thing we did not sample was a foie gras torchon and duck proscutto sandwich with tomatoes, butter lettuce and black truffle salt. This sandwich cost close to everything else we ate combined so we decided to take our chances and wait for it to reappear on the menu another day.

Unfortunately we did not make it to this corner of heaven until close to the end of my stay in San Francisco so we were only able to experience the true skill of the cooks once, but mark my words I am dreaming about my return.

Bon appetit.

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