Grill masters and french chefs!

My first meal back in SF was well over a week ago but still so tasty with my dad as the ultimate Grill Master and my stepmom as a French Chef with tasty treats from her world travels. After feasting at my favorite SF hot spot, Blue Barn, we decided to make a divine din din at home. Blue Barn is a small restaurant on Chestnut that allows you to sample their creations of sandwiches and salads or Create Your Own. I made my own delicious salad complete with falafel and oodles of veggies. This was definitely something that I missed while traveling through China, VEGGIES!

This also opened up the theme for din din. My dad is an amazing griller and whipped up some grilled zucchini, squash, and chicken legs. We also served a tomato salad and munched on pretzels and mustard straight from Germany. While I was hopping on a plane in China Victoria was coming back from a quick trip to Germany. The pretzels were heated up and served with three different and delectable mustards.



Finally to finish up a dinner of favorites we sampled Justin’s famous organic peanut butter cups. Justin’s offers an endless supply of different nut butters and chocolate fixings. These were the best I have sampled and would beat Reese’s in a comparison contest any day!

Bon Appetit!!

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