Dining divinely… or dangerously?

In our last night in Xiamen I have already given much detail on how wondering the night was and how lovely the island of Guloungro is and I most definitely found myself realizing I wouldn’t be upset if we happened to miss the last ferry back to the mainland. This island is also located a mild ferry ride from Taiwan, my possible future home? Life plans aside this post is about the death of me on so many levels.

The island is Xiamen is filled with seafood stands that keep your mouth watering next to the fresh fruit juice stands catering to whatever tropical treat pleases you. After having a great night on the island we decided to walk around for a while observing the island night life. In China there are endless amounts of venders selling jewerly, music, clothes, and all sorts of odds and ends. In one of the larger squares my friend was about to purchase some fun summery dresses when the island police stormed through having venders rush off gathering what they could of their products. This was exciting to be in the middle of and I felt as if I was a part of some riot that was getting busted. However, I was only a tourist swarmed by more tourists… not as exciting as my mind imagined.

After all the commotion I stumbled upon a vender that had grilled oysters swimming in a minced garlic sauce. I hesitated as my dads voice of reason warned me to stay away from street food. However my rationality  allowed me to justify that we were on an island so they must be fresh and obviously caught this morning. They were grilled so that meant they were fully cooked and of course everyone else was eating them so they must be delicious!! I even conviced my friends to get some and later we all dined on another after walking around for another half hour. We gave this man good business and he appreciated our forgieng ability to enjoy good food!

Come 7am the next morning I was not in good shape. I never though i was on my death bed until experiencing something so horrible. A few hours of misery and some Chinese herbal medicines later I was passed out on the plane and off to Beijing. The Chinese medicine here is absolutely horrific but does the job unlike anything I have taken for an illness before. My stomach was in knots and hating me for overdosing on the devilish oysters the night before. After popping six small brown balls of what tasted (and smelled) like legit motor oil and also a powder that attacked me leaving me chugging all the water I could get my hands on I was ready and kicking. The next day I woke up semi recovered but alive and speaking, everyone in the group was pleased that Amy survived!

This event definitely taught me a little lesson about how adventurous I can allow myself to be when eating foods in China. Moral of the story the things that happen to be the best may be the most dangerous but all in all I am still figuring out if I regret eating them. They were divine and small morsals of heaven that completed the trip making that night of the best food nights I have had yet in China and possibly my life. Who knows if it was worth though… too much of a good thing can definitely mean TOO MUCH!!

Bon appetit… wisely.

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