Getting Adventurous!!

Today was our first busy day in Beijing and tomorrow we are already leaving. We started bright and early with breakfast that was so unlike anything I have ever had. The popular dish is a donutesque option that is literally translated as grease stick. There are also a lot of vegetable dishes, fried rice, hard-boiled eggs that are brown as if dipped in something and various bread goodies. We then hopped on a bus to tour old Beijing complete with the Prince Goung’s Palace and Soong Ching Ling’s Palace, I hope those names are correct! We then had our first traditional Chinese meal tucked away in an ally of Old Beijing.

This was the most rare selection of foods I have ever sampled and am quite proud of myself for being so adventurous. There was a slew of options but from what I remember we had “snacks” which were chosen from an ally of stalls making different foods. There were also entrees we ordered and shared family style.

One of my favorite pictures because of these girls and the foods in front of them is an assortment of unidentified meats, haha questionable but delicious.

We didn’t get to sample these but they are crispy yam roots drizzled with honey!!

Bon appetit and keep an eye out for more 🙂

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