Beginning with Beijing.

All hail honeybees goes to Beijing and since Facebook and Twitter are inaccessible I will be writing and snapping photos of all my delicious foods and posting them on here!! As a first night in the bustlings city Druex took us to the college “scene” for Korean BBQ. One of the girls is from Korea and between the two of them we had an amazing feast which is nothing like I had experienced.  This was a great way to start off the month of cultured foods.

I can’t remember all the names or even come close to pronouncing them but many are different pickeled vegetables (Kimchi) and meats that they cook right at the table in front of you. Feast your eyes on some pictures and there is oh so much more to come.

Ni hao and bon appetit!

Korean Pizza made from fermented cabbage!! Hot Kimchi over rice

Fried bacon that you dip in Gochujang chili paste.   

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