Dining with Mother Nature.

Slow Food is a style of cooking that originated in Italy and is the process of using natural, local food products as well as cooking all items from scratch. This promotes healthy and delicious eating as well as supporting those local farms and businesses. Slow Food has become more than a way of cooking and living but instead a full movement here in the United States as well as around the world. This movement started in 1986 by Carlo Petrini and has been a way to fight back against the rapid increases of fast food. As a student on a liberal and progressive campus I have started to become involved in The University of Wisconsin’s Slow Food chapter. This involvement hasn’t asked much from me except to enjoy unique and tasty food as well as giving back to the community by joining the movement. 

UW Slow Food has family dinners once a week like many Slow Food chapters but has also started a Slow Food café with lunch served on Wednesdays. This is not your typical café and when I try to explain this to my friends the end up lost. The way it works is all the food is prepared from scratch on Monday and Tuesday and come Wednesdays, from noon until two, anyone has the opportunity to stop at The Crossing on campus and enjoy that weeks meal. All you do is show up, order from that weeks menu and wait until you are able to enjoy your scrumptious meal. Typically they call your name and you’re invited to enjoy the meal with all the other Slow Foodies but if your like me and on your way to class they will gladly wrap it up for you.

I sampled the vegetarian Garbanzo bean sandwich including an olive tapenade with arugula and homemade ricotta cheese between two pieces of homemade walnut sourdough bread. The sun is finally shining so I hustled over to Bascom hill and enjoyed a piece of heaven. I also snatched a piece of hearty carrot cake with cream cheese frosting before they disappeared.

With the semester almost over I am a little embarrassed to admit that today was my very first UW Slow Food experience but am beyond confident that it will not be my last. So if you’re interested let me know, I can always use a friend to enjoy the Slow Food atmosphere on campus.

Slow down your food and bon appétit!


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One thought on “Dining with Mother Nature.

  1. So I’ve been reading your posts instead of working on some crucial projects that are due this week haha! I just wanted to pop in and say that your writing style is so fun to read and I love the topics you choose. I’ve been on the hunt for good food blogs to follow and I’m so happy I found yours! Keep up the great work 🙂 love, jasmine

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