625 State Street

Mmm mmm is all I have to say for my favorite place to eat on campus. The Mediterranean Cafe is one of my favorites to blog about, and apologies if it gets redundant. As of April, and half way through the spring semester I have craved a good Med Cafe meal and thought I would satisfy my taste buds with memories.

The narrow café is only open until 3:30ish during the week and never on a Sunday, you need cash and the menu is always changing in the fast pace restaurant. Regardless of all of this, it’s the best and even picky eaters will find something to obsess about!

Here is the eggplant dish which a vegetarian mixture of eggplant, potatoes, rice, tomato sauce, and grains and formed like a lasagna and is even accompanied with a small salad. Its served hot and has flavors that I have not been able to put my finger on but excite your taste buds.

Bon Appetit as they do in the Mediterranean.

One thought on “625 State Street

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