A worker bee’s breakfast.

In order to wake up early and have one last day of actual productiveness before our Spring Break I needed a breakfast that would jump-start my brain! My favorite is plain fat-free yogurt, packed with probiotics, combined with kiwi chunks, granola and ground flaxseed. The yogurt is perfect for your digestive system, especially if it is the first thing you are eating in the AM. For first timers to plain yogurt I definitely suggest Stoneyfield Farms, the company produces all organic products and do their best to help sustain our environment. Kiwi’s have large doses of vitamin C and beta-carotenes which help boost your immune system and fight off nasty colds. One a day is supposed to help keep you cold free all winter!! The granola, Back to Nature, is also USDA organic and sweetened with natural sweeteners and fruit juices. The flax adds some fiber and makes this a complete and balanced meal, way better than refined sugar that tastes like cardboard, a.k.a cereal!

Wake up to a bowl of natural energy, Bon Appetit.

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