2086 Atwood Avenue

On my way to an interview I passed Gail Ambrosius and all I saw from my car was Dark Chocolate in big cursive letters enticing me to stop and check it out. So very glad I did because I arrived home with a bitter-sweet chocolate bar and a staff favorite Sea-Salt Caramel dipped in dark chocolate. Unfortunately I devoured the chocolate bar in about 20 minutes but am forcing myself to save the caramel. I snapped some pictures to make mouths water and can’t wait to return again, very soon.

My new mission is to explore what Madison has to offer in the dark chocolate department, here are a few but please let me know if I am missing any…

Candinas, TerraSource Chocolates (Vegan), David Bacco Chocolats (DB Infusions) and hopefully so many more.

Bon Appetit and take time to indulge in what you love.

2 thoughts on “2086 Atwood Avenue

  1. One year, my New Year’s resolution was to try all the chocolatiers in Madison, and without a doubt, Gail’s chocolates have been my favorites. But, you are missing a couple that you could also check out:

    Mauries http://www.mauriesfinechocolates.com/
    James J http://www.jamesjchocolateshop.com/
    Nilda’s http://www.thedailypage.com/theguide/venue.php?venue=2734&name=Nilda-Chocolates (I think I heard that this place closed, but I’m not completely positive.)

    Enjoy your adventures in chocolate!

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