A Worker-bee’s Study Break.

With March closing in that means many birthdays, visitors and of course Spring Break 2011!! So I decided to take sometime to get well ahead in my school work but this really just lead to an early study break. My absolute favorite thing to snack on is homemade popcorn, not the microwave JUNK. However, I needed to get a little creative because I no longer have my ancient steel cooker and a stove haha, essentials!

Being in the Verhey family you rarely escape the Christmas holidays without receiving a container of popcorn kernels. I brought them to school allowing them to sit on my dresser until now. I gathered my olive oil, salt, stapler, paper lunch bag and headed to the microwave.








I’d like to think I invented this amazingly easy way to have the freshest popcorn in minutes but I am sure others have figured this out way before my time. But for all of you who haven’t experienced popcorn like this, here you go!

(Popcorn kernels + olive oil) in the paper bag + one staple, to keep it closed, + 4 minutes in the microwave = GREAT popcorn. You have to kind of sit and listen for when the popping slows down because my attempt 1 almost set off the house’s fire alarms which happen to be attached to sprinklers, phew! When all finished popping add your butter and salt, to taste.

I ended the night cozying up  in front of the one and only, GLEE, bon Appetit and don’t work too hard fellow worker-bees!

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