A Snack fit for a Queen Bee.

All this studying I have been doing lately is unfortunately making me starving, so here is a quick and sweet treat that will pump up your brain and get you back to studying A.S.A.P.

I grabbed some graham crackers, slathered them with Almond Butter and drizzled some Ginger Honey over top. The Almond Butter has high amounts of protein in it, and unlike Peanut Butter, contains the good kinds of fat that your body and brain need! Also a little fun fact that isn’t so fun is Peanuts actual harbor small amounts of mold. If you are like me and tend to overdose on Peanut Butter it is smarter to stick with the Almond Butter which is also a lot tastier!

My favorite is Almond Butter brand is Justin’s Nut Butter, this company has four different almond butters and if you don’t want to stray from Peanut Butter they offer a few different flavors and even have a hazelnut butter. The best thing about this company is that they sell small individual packets you can keep in your backpack for those emergency snack breaks.

The Ginger Honey was given to me as a gift when I went to college. I have taken three years to almost finished the jar and decided to research where this unique product came from. Arcangeli’s Grocery is a small family owned market in Pescadero, California just outside San Francisco. They started ‘The Pescadero Bakery and Grocery’ in 1929 and to their knowledge are the oldest family-owned business on the Coast. Next time your on the West Coast stop in and say hello to Norm or his son Mike the third and fourth generations of this family heritage. You can also order any of their amazing breads or other great products to anywhere in the US.

Bon Appetit and go ace those midterms!

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