This post is about learning to cook while staying in on a Saturday night in my sorority house… quite a big feat! Tomorrow is the big SUPER BOWL game and our guy friends are having a small get together for the game. I obviously took this as an opportunity to make some Puppy Chow batches and baller Rice Crispy Treats. This is quite a task because one of the downfalls about being in a sorority is we can’t use the kitchen!! This left us with the Breakfast Room which had a table and a microwave… time to get creative.

The recipes are easy enough and after a quick stop at the grocery store to get supplies we were ready to go. Six of us orchestrated the room while two were melting marshmallows in the microwave with the one bowl available outside the kitchen. Two of us laid saran wrap on the tables covered in butter stirring Rice Crispies and Marshmallows together while the last two mixed the Puppy Chow in a classic brown paper bag. We even gathered an audience for a while and obviously had so much fun!!









Once everything was done we raided the house looking for some containers, platters, or basically anything to place our finished products on! We came up with a fish platter and two pitchers… seemed fitting 🙂















Bon Appetit and GO PACK GO!

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