Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Obviously this post is about COFFEE, my new-found love! I never was a coffee drinker because I heard it stunts your growth, but since I am almost 5’9” I think I am allowed a cup now and then. I enjoy a piping hot latte or mug of mud most when it is in the negative degrees and I have to walk twenty minutes to class. I thought since it’s been in the single digits in Madison for the past few days this would be a perfect blog post.

Today on my way home from yoga I stopped to get a “double, small skim latte, no whip” … I’m learning how to properly order my drink… from one of my favorite cozy cafes on State Street. Steep and Brew is a locally owned coffee shop that has their own blend of coffees that have received national attention. They also have an assortment of teas and treats along with my new Bodum to go!! I bought this today because I brought back some amazing Alterra coffee with me from Sheboygan. I don’t want to waste the coffee beans by sharing it with my whole house and had no access to a french press. This coffee mug acts as a french press but gives you the freedom to run to class with it…. Genius!

My next recommendation for coffee, or tea 🙂 in Madison is from Cafe Espresso Royal. I love this place because it is narrow and intimate, all the seating is set up for one or two people and it is always packed. When I’ve been studying too long and the winter weather has struck me with a cold I come here for their “Ginger Dragon”. This drink is a tea because they steep ginger for a few hours then add lemon and honey. Sometimes it turns out a little spicy but it is the best remedy for a sore throat.

Finally, there is Fair Trade Coffeehouse, about a block from my house and a PERFECT place to grab a book and study or meet up with old friends. Fair Trade works with Equal Exchange to have hand-picked coffee beans from around the world. They are also only one of ten other coffee shops that is part of this program, 61 Beans. In addition to their amazingly organic coffee, they also serve tasty treats and outstanding Panini sandwiches and even have vegetarian options.

Sidenote… to add sugar to your coffee but stay on the healthy side try honey instead of the sugar packs!

Sometimes you need to kick back and relax with a cup of joe.

One thought on “Coffee, coffee, coffee!

  1. I’m so proud of you for learning the correct coffee lingo! That is a pet peeve of mine. Also your cup is probably the cutest thing ever, and thanks for representing the Alterra coffee, it’s the best out there!

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