Trader Joe’s Favorites.

I just found this Trader Joe’s Most Favored Items List and needed to add to in these mix of food posts. To give you a bit of background, since I am a college student and have a slight obsession with food, particularly veggies, Trader Joe’s has become my number one place to grocery shop. What college student is going to trek over to a Whole Foods and drop bank on one bag of groceries, (without bashing Whole Foods) I am unfortunately not that student.

With out further adieu here is the list put out in 2010 by Trader’s, and I’ll even give you my cross-listed favorites.


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1. Frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken: Absolutely great and should be nowhere else on this list but number one. I like to add lettuce and tomatoes with a Hoisin sauce and wrap up in a tortilla. This was my favorite snack after dance practice in high school!

2. Triple Ginger Snap Cookies: BEWARE it is very easy to eat the whole box before you get home, they are awesome and have real whole chunks of ginger. The ginger helps with digestion and the calmative qualities warm you up on a cold day, it can even ease an unhappy tummy.

5. Frozen Croissants: You all know I love these via my earlier post.

7. Charles Shaw Wines: Two Buck Chuck…enough said.

8. Greek Yogurt: This is the best thing for you for breakfast, it has higher amounts of protein than regular yogurt and the probioticshelp keep your digestive system on check.

12. Candy Cane Joe Joe’s: Only around during the winter holidays but I believe I would be suffering from intense obesity if they were sold year round.

20. Almond Butter with Flax: Almond butter is much healthier than regular peanut butter because of the amount of protein almonds harbor. Flax is a source of fiber filled with Omega-3 fatty acids that aids in digestion and weight loss, it has also been seen to be anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous! All those bonuses from a spread on your toast.

26. Frozen Joe’s Diner Mac n’ Cheese: This is not your regular Mac n’ Cheese because instead this is made with Gouda, Cheddar, Swiss and Havarti cheeses!! Mmmmm

Last but not least….

33. Frozen Sweet Potato Fries: pop these in the oven and you have a great addition to any meal or a healthy snack.


As you can see I am a Trader’s fanatic and want nothing more but to convert all of you.

Bon Appetit, Trader Joe’s style.

2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Favorites.

  1. i think i seriously bought like, 7 boxes of the pumpkin bread & muffin mix this past fall. the pita bite crackers are awesome.their tomato and red pepper soup is really good with grilled cheese..or alone. ❤ trader joes

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