A morning surprise.

What’s the best thing about waking up in the morning? In my opinion, it’s the smell of breakfast. As I have stated in past posts I am not a breakfast fan so when I report about a breakfast spot or treat it means they are GOOD, GREAT possibly even FANTABULOUS.. or basically out of this world!

This scrumptious taste of heaven is from Trader Joe’s, and is definitely on the list of being one of TJ’s Bests. I have snapped a picture of the croissants but they come in a variety oftreats. Others that I enjoy are the cinnamon rolls that we add nuts to or the chocolate croissants. They are found in a teeny box tucked in the freezer section of any Trader Joe’s grocery store. The tricky part is they must be thawed over night. This allows the dough and yeast to proof so in the morning when you pop them in the oven they come out crispy but so airy and chewy on the inside. I love making these and trying to pull off as if I am a french chef who has slaved away perfecting this buttery croissant.

Here they have been proofing all night and we love to coat it with an egg-wash so they are shinny and have a crispier crust. Next they will be ready to bake, oooh I can’t wait for the finished product.


The final product oooh yum yummmm….

Bon Appetit thanks to Trader Joe’s.

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