Hello Sheboygan Dining.

Sheboygan is home of Johnsonville brats paired with a Hard Roll. In the summer this delicious combination added with your favorite fixings are found all over Shevegas! However, there are many more delicious Sheboygan staples that are year round.

My first and absolute favorite is the Weather Center Cafe. This is an eclectic, artsy café nested in with many other shops andrestaurants on The Sheboygan River front. Their Weather Center salad with homemade spinach vinaigrette is a refreshing choice that pleases everyone’s palate. Pair this with one of their daily fresh-baked scones or muffins and you may never want to leave. Over winter break I have camped out there almost every other day having lunches with all my pals. It is also ideal in the summer as well by taking a walk and having breakfast outside soaking up the sun. The best of all is that a Sheboygan local, Teek, owns it and serves his community by creating fresh, real food! (Photo retrieved from http://sheboyganwalkingtours.com/Howland.html).

The next stop is Italy at Stefano’s Il Ritrovo. This restaurant is one of Stefano’s four restaurants in Sheboygan but my friends and I have coined Il Ritrovo as the best. It is an Italian Pizzeria with all the ingredients imported straight from Italy. The menu consists solely of appetizers, soups, salads and pizzas, but that is all you need to choose from because they are the best! I won’t suggest my favorites because you simply can’t go wrong here.

Attached to Il Ritrovo is an Italian deli and grocery store that separates it from Stefano’s other restaurant, Field to Fork. This restaurant is exactly what it sounds like and follows Stefano’s theme of serving organic and locally grown food. Almost anything on this menu can be purchased in the deli or grocery. They also have a phenomenal juice bar that serves fresh fruit juices and exotic green drinks. My favorite here is the “Green Drink” which is a blend of apple or pears, lemon, ginger, wheat grass, spinach and lettuce. Have this for breakfast and you are bound to obtain super powers! (Photo retrieved from http://www.trattoriastefano.com/about_us.html).

The fourth restaurant is ideal for a fancy-pants meal with your family or loved one. The Blackwolf Run Restaurant is located in Kohler Wisconsin, a part of the well-known Blackwolf Run Golf Course. This elegant yet cozy restaurant is gorgeous in the winter because of its dark wood and warm feeling it leaves you with. However, in the summer the large glass windows, framing the golf course below you, accompany the wonderful meal. Chef Paul Smitala knows how to combine perfectly paired ingredients always creating a masterpiece. One masterpiece, the Corn Sausage Chowder, has become very popular around Kohler and Sheboygan, especially on a cold winter night. (Photo retrieved from http://www.americanclubresort.com/restaurants/bwr_restaurant.html)

You can always find a good meal or cool place to hang out in Sheboygan and even though the name may sound silly, don’t let it fool you!

Bon Appetit on the Michigan shore.

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