Honeybees’ Lunch Break.

Bon Jour from the Honeybee’s kitchen. I created this mid-day feast by adding a twist to the French “croque-monsieur“. The croque-monsieur is a ham and cheese grilled sandwich that started as a fast food item in many French cafes and bistros. I took this idea and made it a little healthier than its traditional preparation.

Our sandwich has layers of Golden Bear Ham, or the like which would be a good quality ham, sandwiched between Sartori Bella Vitano Gold cheese. You can use either a light wheat or country white bread, lightly spread with a mixture of mayo and mustard. You can choose to use Guldens or Grey Puopon brown mustard. Finally, butter the outside of the sandwich and grill in a covered pan over low heat until melting all the cheese and the sandwich is golden brown.

I choose to pair this sandwich with a fruity wild-rice salad over a bed of baby greens. Nest baby greens on the plate, I chose to use Fresh Express Tender Ruby Reds which combines red baby butter and baby spinach leaves. Then I prepared a wild-rice salad using Wisconsin Long Grain Wild Rice, a handful of sliced black seed-less grapes and two chopped scallions. For the dressing I mixed Stonyfield Organic Plain Fat Free Yogurt with shredded Organic unsweetened Coconut. Finally, I grated tangerine zest over the salad and plated it with the sandwich.

This refreshing salad balances the rich flavors of the sandwich creating a pleasing meal. Last but not least, this meal has many bonuses. To begin with, the bread on the sandwich as well as the wild-rice and lettuce provides fiber which helps digest food and aids in weight loss. The lettuce leaves I chose to use as well as the black grapes are rich in phytonutrients which help the immune system and offer antioxidants. The tangerine zest also provides citrus bioflavonoids which boost your immune system as well. Fat free yogurt has probiotics which improve the digestive system and finally, the cheese, ham, bread, and lettuces all provide protein.

All in all this is a very sustainable meal for the hardworking honeybees.

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