Hello Madison Dining.

With winter break winding down and dragging on it is making me miss a few of my favorite spots discovered in Madison.

My all time favorite restaurant is a narrow, crowded and very loud hot spot at the beginning of State Street. Mediterranean Cafe is one of Madison’s best places to grab an ethnically, delicious Mediterranean meal. The owner is an older man who is simply running the café because the students love it so much! The hours are fickle and he chooses to never stay open past 3:00 p.m. or on a Sunday. When it is open it is a great spot to sit and eat, however, they will hustle you out if it is during the lunch rush. Many of the college students enjoy grabbing something off their main menu or daily specials and camping out in a library.

For a special meal with friends, a loved one, or when your parents come to visit head to Lambardino’s. This is a phenomenal Italian restaurant on the edge of the University of Wisconsin campus past Camp Randall. Their caesar salad is to die for, even if you aren’t a caesar fanatic like me, but a small tip… watch out for the anchovies. Their menu changes with the seasons and in the fall there is an awesome petite pumpkin stuffed with walnut risotto including ingredients that are the epitome of fall. (Photo retrieved from http://madisonmagazine-smalldishes.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html

Another restaurant perfect for dinner is Harvest on the capital square. The gorgeous capital in Madison is the center of the city and the restaurants, bars, cafes and boutiques surrounding the capital make up a very eclectic neighborhood. Harvest is a restaurants that offers organic meats and locally grown produce which make outstanding meals. Even though it is hard to mess up chicken, Harvest does a very good job at perfecting the perfect bird. Also it is very important to ask for their swiss chard and crispy garbanzo beans, these are a great start to the evening.

Last but not least there is a fantastic breakfast joint on Johnson street just outside campus on your way to the east side of Madison. Sophia’s Bakery and Cafe is a restaurant that specializes in breakfast foods and the small staff of women in the kitchen do not fool around when it comes to cooking. The atmosphere makes you feel like you have stepped into their cozy home while you share tables with all the other customers and sip coffee out of cups collected over the years. Their omelets are quite unique but always leave you licking your plate. I also highly recommend their croissant french toast or orange flavored cinnamon rolls if you have a sweat tooth. Many of my friends who I have dragged with my on a Saturday morning when there no football game have enjoyed the savory breakfast tacos as well. (Photo retrieved from http://www.madisonatoz.com/2010/10/sophias-bakery-cafe.html).

Bon Appetit with some Badgers.

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